Apple adds new code signing technotes

If you’re looking to find out more about code signing for Apple’s platforms (iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS etc.) then Apple has just published some new content on the topic.

Apple has been slowly adding more technical articles back to the Apple Developer site since adding the new Technotes section in February, and in the last few days the company has added a new series of articles about code signing.

The articles form a series – dubbed ‘Inside code signing’ – that deep-dive into the world of code signing and cover certificates, hashing, provisioning profiles and more.

Code signing is a foundational technology on all Apple platforms. Many documents that discuss code signing focus on solving a specific problem. The Inside Code Signing technote series is different: It peeks behind the code signing curtain, to give you a better understanding of how this technology works.

TN3125: Inside Code Signing: Provisioning Profiles

Not only does Apple cover theoretical concepts, there’s also a sprinkling of examples of command line tools that can be used to extract information from provisioning profiles, perform code signing and more.

Apple had been posting some of the content about code signing recently to the Apple Developer Forums, but having them centralised in this series on the Technotes site is much better for discoverability and readability.

The language of the articles has also been made more formal, with more examples provided to better suit the technotes format and style.