Google rolls out deep link dashboard on the Play Console

August 24, 2022 in Android by Brenton ‐ 1 min read

Google has now rolled out a new dashboard allowing developers to monitor Android app deep links on the Play Console.

The dashboard highlights any issues that are found with both Android App Links and custom URL schemes.

First announced at Google I/O this year, the dashboard alerts developers of any configuration issues by extracting deep link intent information from an app’s manifest file. The intent information from the manifest is also presented on the dashboard.

For App Links, Google goes one step further and verifies that the appropriate details have been added and made available in the assetlinks.json file which is hosted at <>/.well-known/assetlinks.json. This confirms domain ownership.

If any issues are identified, Google provides advice on how to resolve them.

Later this year, Google will also highlight important URLs that it suggests should be registered as deep links:

We’re very excited to share this first release of the deep links page with you, making it much easier to make sense of your setup and fix broken deep links. The next release, coming later this year, will also highlight important website URLs that aren’t yet configured as deep links, so that you don’t miss an opportunity to drive more quality traffic to your app.

The new dashboard is available now and resides in the Play Console within the Grow menu under Deep links.