Google rolls out Android app modularisation guide

September 7, 2022 in Android by Brenton ‐ 1 min read

Google has unveiled new guidance around app modularisation for Android developers.

Android Developers Blog:

As your app grows in size and complexity, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage, build and scale. One way to address this challenge is a software technique called modular programming, or modularization in short. It’s a practice of organizing a codebase into loosely coupled and independent entities – modules.

Over 54% responders mentioned that it’s difficult to find good learning materials on this topic [app modularisation] and almost 95% claimed that currently available materials on are insufficient! In response to this popular demand, we’ve launched the guide to Android app modularization.

Great to see Google continue to invest in improving documentation and guidance for Android app developers – particularly in the app architecture space.

In this case, there’s a brief overview summarising what modularisation is and how it can best be applied. There’s also a deep dive into a number of common patterns and module types.

Of note, the theoretical elements of the guide are not only applicable to Android apps – some information like that contained on the overview page is also relevant for those developing on alternative platforms including iOS.