Point-Free releases new dependency management library for Swift


We are excited to open source a brand new dependency management system for Swift applications. It makes it easy to propagate dependencies deep into your application in an ergonomic, but also safe, manner. Once you start to control your dependencies you will instantly be able to write simpler tests, unlock new superpowers from Xcode previews, improve compile times, and a whole bunch more.


With this week’s release of swift-dependencies, our new dependency injection and management framework, we have now split out 8 libraries from our work on the Composable Architecture, and each of those libraries can be used in non-TCA code.

The great thing about this new release from Point-Free is that you don’t need to be using their Composable Architecture (TCA) in order to get value out of this new dependency management library.

While there are already a number of other Swift dependency management libraries available, in lieu of any better first-party support for dependency management by Apple this seems like it’s well worth a look.

It’s great to see what was starting to become a rather large framework be broken up into a series of smaller libraries that can be used with or without TCA.

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