Apple rolls out iOS 16.4, macOS, watchOS and tvOS updates

After rolling out the first beta of iOS 16.4 in February, Apple has now released the final version of iOS 16.4 alongside a suite of updates for macOS, watchOS and tvOS.

OS 16.4 includes support for new Unicode 15 emojis, as well as manual and automatic updates for Matter accessories and a series of bug fixes across Apple’s default system apps.

There’s also new support for OAuth and other types of authorisation requests from SwiftUI, but perhaps the most notable feature included in 16.4 are the changes made to Safari and WebKit. Push notification support is being added for web apps. However, push notifications will only be supported for web apps added to a user’s home screen. In total, Apple says 135 new features are included in WebKit as part of Safari 16.4.

And notably for developers, from iOS 16.4 onwards you’ll be able to opt-in to developer betas directly from the Settings app as long as you’re signed in with the Apple ID used to enrol into the Apple Developer program.

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