Apple updates App Store pricing tiers

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Apple announced late Friday a number of upcoming changes to App Store pricing tiers in countries across the world. Prices will increase in Colombia, Egypt, Hungary, Nigeria, Norway, South Africa, and the United Kingdom while they will decrease in Uzbekistan on February 13. Prices in Ireland, Luxembourg, Singapore, and Zimbabwe won’t increase, but there will …

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Google announces Play Console tweaks to make it easier to send changes for review

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Google is today announcing an upcoming change for the Play Console that’s designed to make it easier to know what modifications need to be reviewed when publishing. From the Android Developer blog: One challenge you’ve shared with us is a lack of predictability and control over the app review process. Previously, it was hard to …

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Twitter suspends third-party clients

Twitter on Samsung tablet screen

In yet another sudden move, Twitter has now selectively suspended popular third-party clients without warning or notice. It feels like the end of an era – for the early years of the iPhone, Twitter clients were a thriving, fertile playground for exploration of touch-centric UI elements and paradigms. Functionality that would eventually become a platform …

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Android Studio Electric Eel released

Android Developers Blog: It’s a new year, and now a new stable version of Android Studio. First announced in May last year at Google I/O 2022, Electric Eel brings a number of highly-anticipated changes for Android Developers working with Jetpack Compose such as automatic updates, and the new Layout Inspector that helps show where recompositions …

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Point-Free releases new dependency management library for Swift

Point-Free: We are excited to open source a brand new dependency management system for Swift applications. It makes it easy to propagate dependencies deep into your application in an ergonomic, but also safe, manner. Once you start to control your dependencies you will instantly be able to write simpler tests, unlock new superpowers from Xcode previews, improve …

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Apple to focus on mixed-reality headset in 2023

Bloomberg (Mark Gurman): Apple Inc., after seven years of development, is nearly ready to launch its first mixed-reality headset. But the focus on this new product will lead to an otherwise muted 2023. Up until fairly recently, Apple had aimed to introduce the headset in January 2023 and ship it later this year. Now the company is aiming to unveil …

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Android to get official RISC-V support

Ars Technica:  Lars Bergstrom, Android’s director of engineering, wants RISC-V to be seen as a “tier-1 platform” in Android, which would put it on par with Arm. That’s a big change from just six months ago. Bergstrom says getting optimized Android builds on RISC-V will take “a lot of work” and outlined a roadmap that …

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